Ethicon DERMABOND Mini Skin Adhesive DHVM12

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Ethicon DERMABOND Mini Skin Adhesive DHVM12

Please Note: Dermabond Mini is sold by the applicator and by the box of 12 applicators.

  • DERMABOND Mini is a skin closure device that can be used to close easily approximated skin edges of wounds from small surgical incisions and lacerations
  • DERMABOND Mini is a topical skin adhesive with a unique formulation proven to create a protective barrier that adds strength and inhibits bacteria*
  • DERMABOND Mini is a sterile, liquid topical skin adhesive containing a monomeric (2-octylcyanoacrylate) formulation and the colorant D and C Violet #2
  • It is provided in a single use applicator packaged in a blister pouch. The applicator is comprised of a crushable glass ampule contained within a plastic vial with attached applicator tip.
  • Clinically shown to provide 7-day wound-holding strength in just 3 minutes*
  • Provides a flexible microbial barrier with 99% protection in vitro for 72 hours against organisms commonly responsible for surgical site infections (SSIs)*
  • Demonstrates in vitro inhibition of gram-positive bacteria (MRSA and MRSE) and gram-negative bacteria (E coli)*
  • Promotes patient comfort by providing flexible closure without the pain or anxiety caused by needles
  • Offers fast closure of small incisions and lacerations
  • Addresses cost and convenience concerns by eliminating the need for return visits to remove sutures
  • Each applicator contains 0.36 mL of skin adhesive
  • 12 DERMABOND Mini Applicators per box
  • Made by Ethicon/Johnson & Johnson
  • Manufacturer’s product ID: DHVM12

The products in the DERMABOND Portfolio are supported by more clinical evidence, outcomes data, and publications than any other Topical Skin Adhesive.*

*Ethicon has detailed research and other materials to support these product claims. Contact Ethicon for more product specifics and research documentation.

Please see our Dermabond Care Guide for more information.

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